Snapshots: Maundy Thursday + Jueves Santo 4.1.10


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Easter + Pascua 4.4.10


Sunrise Service
Patio; 6:30 am

Meet in the garden at dawn for a bilingual service for the resurrection.

Servicio al amanecer
Patio; 6:30 am

Reunir en el jardin al amancer por un servicio bilingüe por la resurrección.

Easter Breakfast
Parlor; 8:45 am

Join the Immanuel community for our traditional (and not so traditional) Easter breakfast in the Parlor.  Hang out with friends between the sunrise service and the 10:30 am service.

Desayuno de Domingo de Resurrección
Parlor; 8:45 am

Únete a la comunidad de Immanuel por un tradicional (y no tradicional) desayuno de domingo de Resurrección en el Parlor.  Pase el tiempo con amigos y amigas enre el servicio al amanecer y el servicio a las 10:30 am.

Bilingual Worship
Sanctuary; 10:30 am

Come at 10:15 to hear the beautiful prelude performed by Edward Murray and the Immanuel musicians.  Arrive on time to experience the dramatic transition from Holy Week to Resurrection Day.  Experience resurrection as we explore what it means for our planet and our communities.  Followed by a convivio and children’s Easter egg hunt on the patio

Servicio bilingüe
Santuario; 10:30 am

Venga a las 10:15 para escuchar el bello preludio tocado por Edward Murray y los músicos de Immanuel.  Llegue a tiempo para experimentar la dramática transición de la Semana Santa al Día de Resurrección.  Experimente resurrección mientras que exploramos que significa para nuestro planeta y nuestras comunidades.  Seguido por el convivio y la búsqueda de huevos para los niños y las niñas en el patio.

Snapshots: Palm Sunday + Domingo de ramos 3.28.10


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Semana Santa y Pascua + Holy Week and Easter


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Snapshots: Joe Porta & March for America group 3.14.10


Frank interviews immigration attorney Joe Porta in the Spanish service.

Mason Funk, Christy Lafferty, Ricardo Moreno and Anabella Trujillo are commissioned in the Todos/as Juntos/as + All Together service for their participation in the March for America for immigrants’ rights.

Snapshots: Nuev@s miembr@s y bautismos + New Members and Baptisms 1.31.10


Adventures in Liturgy: Wedding at Cana images; Haitian art


Adventures in Liturgy by Edward Murray, Music Director

Today’s scripture reading, John 2:1-11, was, on the one hand, a relatively straightforward story of Jesus and his mother at a wedding in Cana, and on the other, a richly layered canvas loaded with nuances and meaning.  It has long been a favorite of artists.  Here are some of the images that appeared in today’s PowerPoint.

14th century fresco


He Qi

Much more of He Qi’s wonderful work here.

Unknown artist

The following image only came to my attention just before church and didn’t make it into the PowerPoint.  Very poignant, especially at this time, it is a mural of the Wedding at Cana from the Anglican Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti; all the characters in the painting are Haitian.

Mural from the Anglican Cathedral of Port-au-Prince

Haitian art is very colorful and vibrant.

Check out Haitian street art here.

Haitian art galleries here and here.

Steel drum and metal art is highly developed.  Click here.

Here‘s a very interesting collection of Haitian art at Bryant University.

Stay tuned for more…