Snapshots: Mother’s Day + Día de las Madres 5.13.12


Photos courtesy of Rod Sprott.

Mother’s Day Poetry + Poesía para el día de las Madres



God was present in my mother
God came in the flesh in my mother
With unconditional love
Forbearance and forgiveness

Listening to my confession of faith-
My lack of faith
Weeping as I poured out my soul
My doubts my disbelief
Sharing my pain, suffering for me
Offering me redemption

Comforter of the wounded-
John back from Vietnam
Consoler of the weary-
Martha from off the streets
Counselor of anyone who turned to her
In need…

She died and ascended into heaven
I long for her resurrection

~Rev. Dr. Chuck Robertson



Dios estaba presente en mi madre
Dios vino en la carne de mi madre
Con el amor incondicional,
Tolerancia y perdon

Para escuchar mi confesion de fe-
Mi falta de fe
Llorando al ver mi sufrimiento,
Eran tantas mis dudas, mi incredulidad
Compartia mi dolor y sufrimiento
Y me ofrecia el perdon;
Consuelo de los heridos

Mi hermano John regresa de Vietnam,
Consolador de los cansados.
Mi hermana Martha regresa de las calles,
Consejera de todo aquel que se volvio a ella,
En necesidad ….

Mi madre murio y ascendio al cielo
Y yo, yo desespero por su resurreccion

~Rev. Dr. Chuck Robertson, traducción para José Haro



Mom’s Sunday Dinner

Roast beef and string beans
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Cole slaw and sweet desert
At mom’s Sunday dinner

So get the sermon over
The roast is in the oven
We all want to get home
To mom’s Sunday dinner

It was put in the oven
The heat set at slow roast
Vegetables on low stewing
For our Sunday dinner

So let’s sing the last hymn
Roast beef is awaiting
We all want to get home
To mom’s Sunday dinner

Roast beef every Sunday
It is mom’s special blessing
There’s either pie or cake
At mom’s Sunday dinner

So pronounce the benediction
Our tummies are a rumbling
We all want to get home
To mom’s roast beef Sunday dinner

~Rev. Dr. Chuck Robertson



Celebrando a las Madres

Lasagna y ensalada de pollo
Agua fresca y pastel
Dejemonos de tanto rollo
Las madres ya quieren comer

Asi que acabemos con el sermon
Vayan sirviendo la ensalada
Despues a pedir perdon
Ahora a tomar limonada

Destapen ya la champagna
Las madres quieren celebrar
Saquen ya la lasagna
No se nos vaya a quemar

Cantemos la ultima cancion
Que ya quiero tomar agua fria
Cantemos con emocion
A las madres en su dia

Pastor dennos la vendicion
Dennosla sin mas retraso
Y demos con emocion
A la madre un abrazo

~José Haro, inspirado en el poema de Pastor Chuck

News Item: 5.12.12


Deported Moms With American Children Separated On Mother’s Day
(from the Huffington Post)

As the rest of the nation celebrates the importance of motherhood Sunday, thousands of young Americans will, for the first time, be without their moms on Mother’s Day.

About 22 percent of all undocumented immigrants deported in the first half of 2011 were parents of U.S.-born children. As part of the Obama administration’s record-setting deportation year, between January and June 2011, 46,486 undocumented mothers and fathers received orders to leave the country and were forced to decide what to do with their U.S.-born children. While in some instances, deported parents decide to bring their children with them, parents thinking it was in their child’s best interest, left them with relatives, neighbors, or friends in the United States.

Read the rest here.

This Sunday + Este domingo: 5.13.12


This Sunday + Este domingo
May 13, 2012 + 13 de mayo de 2012
Sixth Sunday of Easter + Sexto domingo de Pascua

10:30 am:  Servicio en español (Santuario)
Mensaje:  Anciano David Mass

10:30 am:  English service (Chichester Chapel)
Sermon:  Rev. Dr. Chuck Robertson

11:30 am:  Todos/as Juntos/as + All Together
Moment with our children + Momento con nuestros/as niños/as

12:00 pm:  Convivio
Mother’s Day Celebration + Celebración para el día de las madres

Immanuel Men + Hombres de Immanuel


Mothers Day Planning Meeting

This Sunday, May 6, there will be a planning meeting for Mothers Day at 12:30 pm following worship and the convivio in Ruth Beck Room, Room 106

Since the men are the primary organizers and supporters of our Mothers Day event at Immanuel, you are encouraged to participate.  Please invite other men as well to join us in planning this celebration.

For more information, please see Rev. Chuck Robertson or Nelson Palencia.

Reunión de la Planeación para el Dia de las Madres

Este domingo, el 6 de mayo, habrá una reunión para el Dia de las Madres a las 12:30 pm, después del servicio y el convivio en el Salón Ruth Beck, 106.

Debido a que los hombres son los principales organizadores y colaboradores de nuestro evento del Dia de las Madres en Immanuel, está animado a participar.  Por favor invite otros hombres para unirse a nosotros en planeando esta celebración.

Para mayor información, por favor hablen con el Revdo. Chuck Robertson o Nelson Palencia.

Snapshots: Worship & Mothers Day + Adoración & Día de las madres 5.9.10


Baptisms and new members, passing the peace, mariachis, reading poems to mothers, people, food, fun.  Just another Sunday at Immanuel.  Photos courtesy of Tina Mata.  Click on an image for a larger view.

Snapshots: Mothers Day Music + Música para el dia de las Madres 5.9.10


Starring violinist Sam Pullen with the English music team, with soprano Elyse Marchant (performing a Bach aria Sam had first played with his mother) and with Mariachi Sur de California at the convivio fiesta.  Photos “borrowed” from Sam’s Facebook page.  Click on an image for a larger view.