Video Tribute to Frank + Tributo de Video de Frank


As seen at the celebrations on July 25.  Created by Leanna Creel.

Snapshots: Isaiah 85 Fast for Immigration Justice 6.29.10


Immanuelites Frank Alton, Yolanda Morales, Imelda Tecum, Sam Pullen, Erin Tamayo, Brian Symonds and Ed Murray all took part in this event.  Starting with a press conference on the Wilshire Boulevard steps of the church, it continued with an all-day fast and concluded with sharing of powerful stories in Westminster Chapel.  Spanish language media gave the event good coverage.  Photos courtesy of Erin Tamayo and Ricardo Moreno.  Click on an image for larger view.

Celebrando el ministerio de Frank en Immanuel + Celebrating Frank’s ministry at Immanuel 7.25.10


Celebrando el Ministerio de Frank en Immanuel

Únete con nosotros el domingo, 25 de julio de 2010 por el servicio, celebración y bendiciones mientras que recordamos los 15 anos de ministerio del Rev. Dr. Frank M. Alton en Immanuel.

Comenzaremos con el servicio a las 10:30 a.m., seguido por una breve reunión congregacional en el santuario a las 11:30 a.m., después nos iremos al Patio por almuerzo y compartiendo memorias y expresiones de gratitud.  Todos son bienvenidos a traer cartas/regalos para enviar bendiciones a Frank.

A las 5:00 p.m. nos reuniremos en el santuario con la comunidad de Los Ángeles para recordar con historias y canciones el ministerio de Frank en la comunidad, seguido por refrescos en el Parlor.

Esperamos que pueda ser parte de este día especial en la vida de Immanuel.

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Celebrating Frank’s Ministry at Immanuel

Join us Sunday, July 25, 2010 for worship, celebration & blessing as we remember the 15 years of Rev. Dr. Frank M. Alton’s ministry at Immanuel.

We’ll begin with worship at 10:30 a.m., followed by a brief congregational meeting in the sanctuary at 11:30 a.m., then we’ll adjourn to the Patio for lunch and sharing of memories and expressions of gratitude. Everyone is welcome to bring cards/gifts to send Frank on with blessings.

At 5:00 p.m. we’ll gather in the sanctuary with the larger Los Angeles community to remember with stories and songs Frank’s ministry in the community, followed by light refreshments in the Parlor.

We hope that you can be a part of this special day in the life of Immanuel.

Costa Mesa Immigration Action 6.14.10



Frank Alton, along with CLUE LA, CHIRLA, Korean Resource Center, NAKASEC and many others, participated in a civil disobedience action in Costa Mesa on June 14, protesting the city’s “rule of law” ordinance inspired by similar legislation in Arizona.  He and 11 others were arrested as a result.  All were released unharmed after a brief detention but will have to return to Orange County for court appearances.

Announcement from CLUE LA immediate following the event:

Dear Friends,

Three religious leaders joined hands with the immigration reform movement today during a rally and demonstration in Orange County, and they were arrested and taken into custody: Rabbi Jonathan Klein, CLUE-LA’s executive director, and our strong supporters, the Rev. Dr. Frank Alton of Immanuel Presbyterian Church, and the Rev. Dr. Lewis E. Logan II of Rauch Christian Community Fellowship.

These clergy participated in the rally and in an act of civil disobedience in protest against the series of anti-immigrant, SB1070 style resolutions being considered in cities throughout Orange County, including Costa Mesa.

“These resolutions represent fear, and they’re designed to fan the flames of hatred and division,” said Rabbi Klein before the rally began. “We must stand united with the people of Orange County and all of Southern California to work for truly humane and comprehensive immigration reform that respects the dignity of the individual and the family.”

Speaking truth to power is often difficult and results in challenging – and inconvenient – consequences. These religious leaders knew they were at risk for being arrested; there’s been no word yet on their release, but we expect – and pray – it will be soon.

As they were led away, the hundreds of students and community members who came to witness – including CLUE-LA’s own summer interns – chanted, “It is our moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” Dozens of protesters knelt and prayed the Our Father in English and Spanish.

Please spread the word that people of all faiths need to speak up, to put an end to the fear and prejudice that drive misguided resolutions. We need comprehensive immigration reform, not more hate.

CLUE-LA stands with all people in the pursuit of justice.

Standing in solidarity,

Pastor Bridie Roberts
Program Director

Frank at the center of the action.

Video from a resident of Costa Mesa:

Video and story from

Video from Korean Resource Center and NAKASEC:

Video from the Orange County Register.

Frank's arrest

More on Facebook:

Photos from CHIRLA.

Video from a participant.

Immanuel Facebook page.

Snapshots: United for Immigration Reform 2010 5.1.10


Elizabeth Gibbs Zehnder, Frank Alton and Ricardo Moreno joined thousands of marchers for the downtown May Day march for immigration reform.

Interfaith Vigil for Immigration Reform 3.3.10: More video


Parts two and three of the previously posted event.  Sam Pullen fiddles in part two at 8:35.  Frank Alton speaks in part three at 4:00.  Thanks to Christy Lafferty for producing the videos.

Interfaith Vigil for Immigration Reform 3.3.10


A group of religious leaders from faith communities around LA held an interfaith vigil to call on Senator Feinstein to take a leadership role in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform, stop separating families due to our broken immigration system, and end the raids and deportations while we are waiting for reform. Following the vigil, a small group met with representatives in Sen. Feinstein’s office and turned in a few thousand postcards from constituents around Southern California, which are a small sample of all those collected.

Immanuel was well represented with Samuel Pullen and Christy Lafferty (in her public performing debut) singing a song at the opening of this video of part of the event and Frank Alton among the religious leaders.