Snapshots: 7.12.15


Presentation of new members, goodbye to Tom Zehnder, commissioning Debbie Breeding for her mission trip to Nicaragua, and Labor in the Pulpit with members of CLUE-LA! Quite a Sunday!

Intersection Concert 9.7.14: Meet the presenters – Debbie Breeding


Meet the presenters: Debbie Breeding. Elder Debbie Breeding is a long-time member of Immanuel. In real life, she is a dedicated and creative teacher of fourth grade. Debbie has been active in almost every area of church life, but her special passion is Pacific Presbytery’s Nicaragua Partnership, which she has been a part of since its inception. Come hear Debbie share what this means to her and chat with her at the reception following our September 7 event. Don’t miss it!



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Nicaragua Partnership Blog


Three Immanuelites, Debbie Breeding, Susan Lawrence, and Brian Gaeta Symonds, were part of the Presbytery of the Pacific’s Nicaragua Partnership mission trip this month.  An excerpt from the team’s blog:

Through these relationships, I have been blessed but also challenged. Challenged to look at life in ways that would be difficult if not experiencing Nicaragua, or being in relationship with the amazing people we have met there. Challenged to look at poverty, wealth, dignity, intelligence, governments, cultures, individual dynamics, group dynamics, and a myriad of other things through a lens of God’s grace and justice. This is transforming indeed. I pray that we are, and continue to be, agents of transformation for our partners as well. And, I pray that we together, with God’s help, help to transform the world.

I would like to leave you with a quote from an Australian Aboriginal Elder, Lilla Watson: “If you’ve come here to help me, you’re wasting your time. But if you’ve come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

Debbie Breeding, Immanuel Presbyterian Church

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Nicaragua team dinner and report + Equipo de Nicaragua cena y informa: 9.18.11


Come hear about the adventures of the Nicaragua mission trip!
Join us Saturday September 17 at 6:00 in Immanuel’s Parlor for a dinner of Gallo Pinto, Plantains and chicken – a truly authentic Nicaraguan meal.  The Immanuel’s Nicaragua team members will share photos and some short stories about their experience in the Nueva Vida community.

The cost is $10 per person, with proceeds going to the Presbytery’s Nicaragua Partnership fund. Those who are “shareholders” in the Nicaragua trip will receive a complimentary ticket.

Please RSVP with Debbie Breeding at

¡Vengan a escuchar las aventuras del viaje de misión a Nicaragua!

Únase con nosotros el sábado, 17 de septiembre a las 6 pm en el Parlor de Immanuel para una cena de Gallo Pinto, plátanos y pollo – una autentica cena nicaragüense.  El equipo de Nicaragua de Immanuel compartirá fotos y algunas historias acerca sus experiencias en la comunidad Nueva Vida.

El costo por personas es $10, con lo recaudado yendo al Fondo de Nicaragua Partnership del Presbiterio.  Aquellos que son “accionistas” al viaje a Nicaragua recibirán una gratis boleto.

Por favor RSVP con Debbie Breeding a


Snapshots: Immanuel in Nicaragua


Pictured are Alma Lorenzo, Anabella Trujillo, Debbie Breeding, and friends—participants in Pacific Presbytery’s mission trip to Nicaragua.  Click on an image for a larger view.

Mission Trip to Nicaragua + Viaje de Misión a Nicaragua


“We often think that service is doing things for others. That sometimes needs to be. But service takes on its true character when we do things with others.” We, at Immanuel, believe this, have lived it, and continue to live it, in many ways. Here is one particularly good way.

Our presbytery, the Presbytery of the Pacific, has entered into a Covenant Partnership with a cooperative in Nicaragua, through CEPAD, a Nicaraguan ecumenical organization. The cooperative that we are in partnership with is called COOPEMULNAGTLE, and is made up several small rural villages outside of Leon.

One of them is Nueva Vida, a place Immanuelites help rebuild after Hurricane Mitch’s mass destruction in 1998. Immanuelites have also traveled there as part of the presbytery’s partnership, in 2006, 2008 and 2010. Immanuel has an opportunity to be a part of God’s presence there again this summer. Five of us have applied to go in person; we, as the Immanuel community, will go with them in spirit.

We invite your financial and prayerful support for this mission trip. You can “buy shares” in this trip. After the trip, all “shareholders” will be treated to an informational dinner to hear about our time with our Nicaraguan partners. You can find out more at the Convivio this Sunday! Or contact Debbie Breeding at or by phone at 310-488-4518.

“A menudo pensamos que servicio es haciendo cosas para otras personas.  A veces eso es.  Pero servicio revela su verdadero carácter cuando hacemos cosas con las personas.”  Nosotros, en Immanuel, creemos esto, lo hemos vivido y continuamos a vivirlo en varias maneras.  Aquí hay una particularmente buena manera.

Nuestro presbiterio, el Presbiterio del Pacifico ha entrado en una Asociación Covenant con una cooperativa en Nicaragua, por medio de CEPAD, una organización ecuménica.  La cooperativa la cual estamos en colaboración se llama COOPEMULNAGTLE, y es compuesto de varios pequeños pueblos rurales fuera de Leon.  Uno de ellos se llama Nueva Vida, un lugar que Immanuelites ayudaran a reconstruir después de la destrucción masiva causada por el Huracán Mitch en 1998.  Immanuelites también han viajada allí como parte de la colaboración del presbiterio en 2006, 2008 y 2010.  Immanuel tiene la oportunidad de ser parte de la presencia de Dios allí otra vez este verano.   Cinco de nosotros han aplicado a ir; nosotros, como la comunidad de Immanuel, iremos con ellos en espíritu.

Invitamos su apoyo económico de oraciones para este viaje de misión.  Puede “comprar partes” por este viaje.  Después del viaje, todos “los accionistas” serán invitados a una cena informacional para escuchar acerca el viaje con nuestros socios nicaragüenses.  ¡Para mayor información por favor visite el Convivio este domingo!  O comuníquese con Debbie Breeding a o 310-488-4518.

Debbie’s poem


A seasonal poem by multi-talented Elder Debbie Breeding.

Broken Open
(Looking towards Lent)

Underneath protective skin
Hidden, buried deep within
Hurts, pains, feelings unspoken

Hopes, desires unfulfilled
Future uncertain, untended field
Lies fallow, spirit broken

Nothing gained in lying low
Festering wounds kill slow
Hope dormant, somehow woken

Gathering courage to win
Faith reaching out to begin
Ripping off the skin — open