A Day in the Fields + Un Día en los Campos 6.12.10


Saturday, June 12th – A Day in the Fields

Farm workers are people we are connected to each day when we eat and they need our support as consumers in their struggles for justice and dignity. But have you ever met a farm worker and listened to his or her story? Have you walked through the fields and seen the long rows of vines where farm workers labor in the hot summer heat? On Sat., June 12th the National Farm Worker Ministry will be traveling to Bakersfield, CA with a group of supporters from the LA area to get to know more closely a little more of the reality of farm workers in California. We will get the chance to meet with workers from the company of Giumarra Vineyards, where farm workers are currently organizing to improve their conditions after facing years of exploitative labor practices.

We will leave from LA at about 9:00am and return about 6:00pm. Carpool or transportation will be provided for those interested.

Come be a part of this chance to connect with farm workers and learn from them and their struggle!
If you are interested, please contact Christy Lafferty, (323) 893-9605 or clafferty@nfwm.org.

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Sábado, 12 de junio – Un día en los campos

Los trabajadores del campo son personas a quienes estamos conectados cada día cuando comemos y que necesitan nuestro apoyo como los consumidores en sus luchas por la justicia y la dignidad. Pero ¿alguna vez has conocido a un trabajador agrícola y escuchó su historia? ¿Has caminado por los campos a ver las largas filas de viñas, donde trabajan los campesinos en el calor del verano caliente? El sábado, 12 de junio el Ministerio Nacional para los Campesinos va a viajar a Bakersfield, California, con un grupo de apoyadores del área de Los Ángeles para conocer más de la realidad de los trabajadores agrícolas en California. Vamos a tener la oportunidad de reunirse con los trabajadores de la compañía de Giumarra Vineyards, donde ellos están organizando para mejorar sus condiciones después de enfrentarse con años de prácticas de explotación laboral.

Salimos de Los Angeles alrededor de las 9:00 am y regresamos alrededor de las 6:00 pm. El transporte será proporcionado para los interesados.

Ven a ser parte de esta oportunidad de conectar con los trabajadores del campo y aprender de ellos y su lucha!
Si usted está interesado, póngase en contacto con Christy Lafferty, (323) 893-9605 o clafferty@nfwm.org.

Snapshots: Joe Porta & March for America group 3.14.10


Frank interviews immigration attorney Joe Porta in the Spanish service.

Mason Funk, Christy Lafferty, Ricardo Moreno and Anabella Trujillo are commissioned in the Todos/as Juntos/as + All Together service for their participation in the March for America for immigrants’ rights.

March for America + Marcha por América 3.21.10


Immanuelites Christy Lafferty, Mason Funk, Ricardo Moreno and Anabella Trujillo will be there.  Keep them and the other marchers in your thoughts and prayers.

English site

Sitio en español

Interfaith Vigil for Immigration Reform 3.3.10: More video


Parts two and three of the previously posted event.  Sam Pullen fiddles in part two at 8:35.  Frank Alton speaks in part three at 4:00.  Thanks to Christy Lafferty for producing the videos.

Interfaith Vigil for Immigration Reform 3.3.10


A group of religious leaders from faith communities around LA held an interfaith vigil to call on Senator Feinstein to take a leadership role in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform, stop separating families due to our broken immigration system, and end the raids and deportations while we are waiting for reform. Following the vigil, a small group met with representatives in Sen. Feinstein’s office and turned in a few thousand postcards from constituents around Southern California, which are a small sample of all those collected.

Immanuel was well represented with Samuel Pullen and Christy Lafferty (in her public performing debut) singing a song at the opening of this video of part of the event and Frank Alton among the religious leaders.

Women’s group: Next meeting Saturday, 11/28, 6-8 pm


Saturday, November 28, 6-8 p.m.

Potluck, Parlor
Join the women of Immanuel for an evening of tasty food & fellowship.  Christy Lafferty will be sharing about her experience working in the grape fields of Central California.  Contact Leticia at 213-389-3191 x 103 to request childcare.