Snapshots: Young Adults 5.29.11


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Brian Symonds, Lucy Cortez, Susan Lawrence, Mira Chaikin, José Haro, Virgie Pickering, Brandon Pickering, Gilbert Gaeta

Brian, Lucy, Susan, Mira, José, Virgie, Brandon

Snapshots: Young Adults Lunch at Philippes


Photos and captions courtesy of Brian Symonds.  Click on an image for a larger view.

Ahhh, our illustrious leader...and Brandon 😉

And here they are again. Brandon can't wait for his lunch.

Sad, a fire truck on its way to an emergency

Gilbert says, "No flash photography please."

Pea soup and a French Dip...mmmmmmmmmm

The long lines must mean good food is in store

And this is the lunch Brandon was waiting for...pigs feet 😦

It's so retro!

Baked Apple...that's syrup it's drowning arteries love me!!!

Phillipe's The Original Since 1908

Presbyterians in action: Virgie Pickering et al.


Congrats to Intern Virgie Pickering! She advanced to candidacy at Tuesday’s presbytery meeting.  Immanuel was well represented – Elder David Mass hosted on behalf of SFTS, Elders William Baxa and Brian Symonds served as Immanuel’s commissioners, members Maria Rivas and Francisco Perez attended, along with Rev. Elizabeth Gibbs Zehnder and Rev. Catherine Hughes.


¡Felicitaciones a la interna Virgie Pickering! Fue avanzada a candidatura durante la última reunión del presbiterio.  Immanuel fue bien representada – Anciano David Mass hospedado de parte del SFTS, Ancianos William Baxa y Brian Symonds sirvieron como los comisarios de Immanuel, Maria Rivas y Francisco Perez, miembros asistieron, junto con la Rev. Elizabeth Gibbs Zehnder y la Rev. Catherine Hughes.

English Bible Study


Sunday, September 12 & 19
9:15am Room 203 (2nd floor in front of the elevator)
Led by Brian Symonds

What Does it Mean to be Reformed and Presbyterian?

Have you ever wondered why we have elders and deacons, or why our worship service may look different than other churches worship services?  Have you ever asked why don’t Presbyterians offer confession and what is it about the Priesthood of all believers?

Come to the English Bible Study these next two Sunday mornings as we explore these questions and many others.  Learn some of the history about the Reformation and the creation of the Presbyterian Church.  Deepen your faith, trust, and understanding in the ways we do things here at Immanuel Presbyterian Church.  Come for the snacks, stay for the conversation.

Snapshots: Taste of Larchmont 8.23.10


Immanuelites Rod Sprott,  Brian Symonds, Matthias Peterson-Brandt, Nancy Spear and Ed Murray eating to end hunger at this annual fund-raiser for Hope-Net, a sponsor of our Food Pantry.  Also partaking were Jeanne & Larry Ortiz, Hayward Fong, Lucy Lentz and Leticia Ocampo.  Photos courtesy of Brian Symonds.  Click on an image for a larger view.

Ed and Nancy do their part.

Matthias and amiga know a good thing when they taste it!

It must be good! Rod and Brian

Rod in action.

Matthias getting into the spirit of things.

Lovely Larchmont itself.

Presbyterians in action + Presbiterianos/as en acción: General Assembly & Ghost Ranch


Immanuelites Rev. Shin-Hwa Park, Brian Symonds, Samuel Chu and Tony De La Rosa attended the 219th General Assembly of the PCUSA in Minneapolis.  Shin-Hwa was a clergy delegate.

The Gibbs Zehnder and Zehnder families attended Family Week at Ghost Ranch NM.  Tim Gibbs Zehnder and Tom Zehnder led music.

+ + + + +

Immanuelites Revda. Shin-Hwa Park, Brian Symonds, Samuel Chu y Tony De La Rosa asistieron la Asamblea General 219 del PCUSA en Minneapolis.  Shin-Hwa fue una delegada.

Las familias Gibbs Zehnder y Zehnder asistieron la Semana de Familia en Ghost Ranch NM.  Tim Gibbs Zehnder y Tom Zehnder dirigieron la música.

Snapshots: Graduation Celebration + Celebración de Graduación 5.15.10


Friends and family joined Brian Symonds in celebrating his upcoming seminary graduation with a SFTS worship service in Pasadena on Saturday, May 15. Immanuel was well represented by Elizabeth Gibbs Zehnder and family, a pewful of members, and Ed Murray at the organ.  Former IPC intern Wendy Tajima planned and organized the service.  Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Gibbs Zehnder.  Click on an image for a larger view. Congrats Brian!