Snapshots: Young Adults 5.29.11


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Brian Symonds, Lucy Cortez, Susan Lawrence, Mira Chaikin, José Haro, Virgie Pickering, Brandon Pickering, Gilbert Gaeta

Brian, Lucy, Susan, Mira, José, Virgie, Brandon

Snapshots: Young Adults Lunch at Philippes


Photos and captions courtesy of Brian Symonds.  Click on an image for a larger view.

Ahhh, our illustrious leader...and Brandon 😉

And here they are again. Brandon can't wait for his lunch.

Sad, a fire truck on its way to an emergency

Gilbert says, "No flash photography please."

Pea soup and a French Dip...mmmmmmmmmm

The long lines must mean good food is in store

And this is the lunch Brandon was waiting for...pigs feet 😦

It's so retro!

Baked Apple...that's syrup it's drowning arteries love me!!!

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