Snapshots: Baptism of + Bautismo de Theo Richane 5.8.16


Snapshots: Tijuana home build 5.22.10


Immanuelites Alma Lorenzo, Richard Prince, Amber & Ted Richane, Jesenia Salguero and others worked with Project Mercy to build an entire house in El Florido, Mexico, on Saturday, May 22.  Photos and captions courtesy of Amber Richane.  Click on an image for a larger view.

We start with just a slab

then get all the walls up

paint the bottom half and then put the roof on

final with all the trim. crazy that this little house can be built in one day with 20 volunteers.

The whole gang including the family we built for. A mother with 2 small children who's husband was murdered last year. They were SO grateful. make the heart warm 🙂

Rich helped even the smallest children help out

painters taking a break

Richard in action

Ted helping secure the front wall


El Florido is kinda pretty...

Roberto ran up and down the ridge beam ALL DAY. he's done this before...!

Kids enjoying the new window

The family

getting the keys

The little girl was VERY impressed

Their extended family.

The Immanuel Crew

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