Reflection 8.21.17


Each person’s discipline will be different because what God wants from each of us is different. Some are called to an active and some to a passive life, some to very homely and some to hard and sacrificial careers, some to quiet suffering. Only the broad lines will be alike. But no discipline will be any use to us unless we keep in mind the reason why we are doing this–for the Glory of God, and not just for the sake of our own self-improvement or other self-regarding purpose. Our object is to be what God wants of us, not what we want. So all that we do must be grounded in worship. First lift up our eyes to the hills, then turn to our own potato field and lightly fork in the manure.

~Evelyn Underhill, The Fruits of the Spirit

Reflection 8.20.17


Reflection 8.19.17


Reflection 8.18.17


So tell the earth to shake
With marching feet
Of messengers of peace
Proclaim my law of love
To every nation
Every race.

~Thomas Merton, from his poem “Earthquake”

Reflection 8.16.17


I’ve seen the nations rise and fall
I’ve heard their stories, heard them all
But love’s the only engine of survival.

~Leonard Cohen, The Future

Reflection 8.14.17


Reflection 8.14.17


Whether it’s the sin of racism, greed, pride, or indifference, doing what comes naturally is what always gets us in trouble. Better to channel our thoughts, actions, and desires through the purifying filter of God’s Spirit and [God’s] Word.

~Edward Gilbreath, from his book Reconciliation Blues