Holiday reTreat + Mini Retiro: 12.23.15


Give Yourself the Gift of Healing
Harmonize your body-mind-spirit this holiday season. You deserve this mini workshop retreat!

This mini workshop retreat will cover various modalities to help release any stored stress in your body and create space for deep healing. You will be left feeling MORE joyful and ready to embrace this holiday season!

Save-The-Date. Space is Limited!

Location: Immanuel’s Healing Center
Attire: Comfortable Clothes.
Cost: FREE, gratitude donations welcome!
When: Wed., Dec. 23, 2015
Time: 6:00 – 9:00P.M.

Register By Calling Us @
213-389-3191 or

Join us for Yoga~Meditation~Energy Healing
and Guided Imagery/Hypnotherapy!!


Myra Tapia
Myra is a master level healer with extensive training in biotherapies (stress management practices) and health educator who enjoys sharing the gift of healing. Her workshops are always joy-full and restorative.

Leonora Galindo
Leonora is a Kundalini Yoga teacher (level 2) and Crystal Healer who loves teaching classes that will leave you energized and relaxed.

Marie Antoinette Valdez
Marie is a clinical hypnotherapist therapeutic life coach that helps you step into your authentic voice and live from a place of joy and courage.

Kimberly Mendoza
Kimberly is a teacher in training of Kundalini Yoga that recognizes the gift of gentleness and patience. Her subtle approach to teaching is graceful to the Soul.

Workshop: Power of Forgiveness + Taller: Poder del Perdón: 12.19.15


Did you know most medical health issues are related in some way to stress? And did you know holding onto resentment and ill feelings in your heart create stress? The Power of Forgiveness Community Workshop is an experiential workshop that guides in exploring techniques to reduce stress and work through self-forgiveness as well as forgiving others.

Marie Antoinette Valdez, Facilitator
Marie is a clinical hypnotherapist therapeutic life coach that helps you step into your authentic voice and live from a place of joy and courage.

When: Saturday 12/19/2015
Time: 6-8:30pm.


¿Sabia ustd que muchos problemas medicos estan relaciona con es estres? ¿Tambien sabia es estres es causado cuando no perdonamos? Este taller comunitario “El Poder del Perdon” es un taller vivencial que explorara varias formas de como reducir el estras y poder trabajar en el auto-perdon y como perdonar a los demas.

Marie Antoinette Valdez, Facilitadora
Marie es una terapeuta de hipnoterapia y coach de vida que ayuda a clientes vivir una vida autentica con alegria y valor.

Cuando: Sabado 12/19/2015
Horario: 6:00 en punto a 8:30p.m.

Reflection + Reflexión 1.6.14


Look at the stars! Look, look up at the skies!
O look at all the fire-folk sitting in the air!
The bright boroughs, the circle-citadels there! …
These are indeed the barn; withindoors house
The shocks. This piece-bright paling shuts the spouse
Christ home, Christ and his mother and all his hallows.

~Gerard Manley Hopkins

Reflection + Reflexión 1.2.14


Snapshots: Home gatherings




Snapshot: Noon Music 12.18.13


Maestro Ed at the Chichester Chapel organ.


Posada: 12.22.13


Sunday, December 22
6 pm, Berendo entrance

La Posada is a Spanish and Latin American tradition which commemorates the difficult journey Mary and Joseph endured to find lodging and a place where Jesus would be born. To symbolize this, we walk through the church singing, and we stop at various doors throughout the building asking for lodging, only to be turned away. Finally, we end our journey finding respite and welcome. There we will share a hot meal and celebrate the eventual welcome offered to the weary Mary and Joseph. There will be piñatas for the children and joyous festivities.


domingo, 22 de diciembre
6 pm, entrada en Berendo

La Posada es una tradición Española y latina americana que conmemora la difícil jornada de María y Jose en su búsqueda de alojamiento y un lugar por el nacimiento de Jesús. Para simbolizar esto, caminamos una ruta por la iglesia cantando y parando en varias puertas pidiendo alojamiento, solo para ser rechazados. Al fin, terminamos nuestra jornada encontrando descanso y bienvenida. Allí compartiremos una cena y celebraremos la bienvenida finalmente ofrecida a los cansados María y Jose. Habran piñatas para los niños y festividades para todos.