Matthew 25 SoCal: Pastor Carias update

Dear colleagues and family,

On July 24th, Pastor Noe Nolberto Carias Mayorga of the Iglesia Pentecostal Cristo la Roca de Poder Asambleas de Dios, an evangelical Assemblies of God pastor with a thriving congregation in South Los Angeles was detained by Customs Enforcement in Los Angeles when he went in for a check-in. This was solely a result of deportation orders received 25 years ago, when he was a teenager, because of entering without permission, and despite that he has motions pending in court.

Pastor Carias:
Is an Evangelical Assemblies of God Pastor
Is married to a US Citizen with two citizen children ages 5 and 7
Is facing deportation solely because he entered the US as a teenager without permission 25 years ago
Has pending motions to remove his deportation orders plus a motion to re-open case
Had a stay of removal granted under former administration
Had a renewal petition for a stay of removal denied last week
Was detained and is facing deportation

We will not stand by while his family is separated and his ministry harmed. This may be our Rosa Parks.

1- Send an email and call the member of the House or Senate Homeland Security Committee closest to you and ask for their help:
Talking Points:
We are calling (writing) on behalf of Pastor Noe Carias who has been detained by ICE.
He is an Assemblies of God Pastor ministering to a congregation, married to an American citizen with citizen children
His only offense was entering without permission 25 years ago as a teenager
He had a stay of removal for the past two years
His lawyer has filed motions to remove his deportation orders and to re-open his case
We are asking for you to investigate the case of Pastor Noe Carias, to advocate for him to be released from detention and to initiate the review and revision of applicable Homeland Security priorities.

Here are the actual legislators we are focusing on:

Republican members of House of Congress Homeland Security Committee:
Alabama: Mike Rogers, District 3
Arizona: Martha McSally, District 2
Florida: John Rutherford, District 4
Kansas: Ron Estes, District 4
Louisiana: Clay Higgins, District 3
Missouri: Bennie Thompson, District 2
New York: Peter King, District 2, John Katko District 24, Dan Donovan, District 11
Pennsylvania: Lou Barletta, District 11, Scott Perry, District 4, Brian Fitzpatrick, District 8
South Carolina: Jeff Duncan, District 3
Texas: Lamar Smith, District 21, Will Hurd, District 23, John Ratcliffe, District 4, Michael McCaul, District 10
Wisconsin: Mike Gallagher, District 8

Democratic members of the Homeland Security Committee of the House:
California: J. Luis Correa, District 46, Nanette Barragan, District 44
Florida: Val Butler Demings
Louisiana: Cedric L. Richmond, District 2
Massachusetts: William R. Keating, District 9
New Jersey: Donald M. Payne, District 10, Bonnie Watson Coleman, District 12
New York: Kathleen Rice, District 4
Rhode Island: James R. Langevin, District 2
Texas: Filemon Vela, District 34

Republican members of the Homeland Security Committee of the Senate:
Arizona: John McCain
Kentucky: Rand Paul
Montana: Steve Daines
North Dakota: John Hoeven
Ohio: Rob Portman
Oklahoma: James Lankford
Virginia: Thomas Garrett
Wyoming: Michael Enzi

Democratic members of Homeland Security Committee of the Senate:
California: Kamala Harris
Delaware: Thomas R. Carper
Michigan: Gary Peters
Montana: Jon Tester
North Dakota: Heidi Heitkamp
New Hampshire: Margaret Hassen

2- If you are in Southern California:

Attend a prayer vigil:

July 27th, 11am-1:00pm, Federal Building, Offices of ICE, 300 N. Los Angeles, CA 90012

July 28th, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Pastor Carias’ Church, 1925 Temple St., Suite 211, Los Angeles CA 90026

If you can attend, please let us know which day(s) you will be there at the form on

Contact SOCAL ICE leadership:

David Marin,, 213-830-5931, Field Office Director at DHS/ICE ERO, Los Angeles District Office

Jorge Field,, 213-830-7911, Assistant Field Office Director, Enforcement and Removal Operations, Los Angeles Field Office, Media, Congressional and Outreach

Noe Nolberto Carias Mayorga, DOB: 4/26/75, A-Number: A029 274 285

Script: I am (Title/Name) from (Church/Ministry/Organization) and I am calling to ask for the reléase from detention of Pastor Noe Carias Mayorga who has qualifying cases through his marriage to a US citizen and his ministry as an Assemblies of God Pastor, has no criminal history and who has motions pending for removal of 25 year old deportation orders resulting from entering without permission as a teenager.

3- If you are somewhere else in the country, please join us in prayer, ideally in front of your local ICE offices. If you gather in prayer, please take a picture, post a picture with this hashtag #libertad4noe or #pray4noe and post it the Facebook page Matthew25/Mateo25 SoCal with the date and place noted. We will continue to update you on upcoming and ongoing prayer vigils until he is released and his family reunited.

4- Share on social media and encourage your networks to engage in the above action steps.

Please keep the Carias family in your prayers.


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