Reflection 4.15.17

Holy Saturday

He is not here.

So where is he?

Tradition tells us that Jesus spent the hours
between the crucifixion and the resurrection
harrowing the halls of Hell;
this is a popular tradition
celebrated in story and mystery play
from then till now,
the rap of Jesus on Hell’s door
sending a shiver down the spine
of all who hear it.

Is that where he is?
Freeing the captives,
in death as in life,
bringing his people safely home?

I like the tradition.

As I grow older
I think more about death.
I am not sure what I believe about eternity.
The mystery grows deeper rather than clearer.
I am full of questions.

Today is a day of death.
Today we are given permission to mourn, to cry,
to wonder.
Today we are encouraged to be still.
To let God hold us in the silence.

So let’s do it.
Let’s take time out
from anticipating the resurrection,
to be with Jesus,
wherever he is.

Photo: ‘Morning Cloisters’ © David Coleman
Text:’Reflection’ © Ruth Burgess in ‘Iona Dawn: Through Holy Week with the Iona Community’

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