Reflection 10.12.16

Teaching about Christ begins in silence…. In so far as the Church proclaims the Word, it falls down silently in truth before the inexpressible: ‘In silence I worship the unutterable’ (Cyril of Alexandria). The spoken Word is the inexpressible; this unutterable is the Word…. Although it is cried out by the Church in the world, it remains the inexpressible. To speak of Christ means to keep silent; to keep silent about Christ means to speak. When the Church speaks rightly out of a proper silence, then Christ is proclaimed.

~Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Christ the Center

One Response to Reflection 10.12.16

  1. it seems, Pastor Chuck, that our meeting and fellowshipping together at WPC and then, our subsequent reunion. had a more important significance than either of us imagined. Do you recall my telling you about my falling in love with Immanuel?

    I know that Our Lord sent to each-of-you a great assignment along with a zeal to carry out that assignment–according to His will and purpose.

    The Bonhoeffer quote above opened me up on the inside. I had never known about silence and the ‘unutterables’ as well as he explained each of them here. This is a great time, isn’t it?!

    God bless our world.

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