Reflection 10.5.16


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  1. Pastors, I never got a chance to tell you about Paul’s Third Heaven. As he explained, it took me 15 years to utter a word about my stay. I was comatose for two months (LA County Women’s Hospital) on this side. On the other side, the place that The Messiah promised in John’s gospel to prepare for us–nurtured me. The doctors told my family that I was in pain (on this side). On the other side, in that place, I functioned almost entirely from awareness, zero pain. I spoke rarely, except to ask a question. “Are you sure I am to be here?”

    Of late, Our Messiah has resumed my awareness growth. That’s the good news. The not-so-good-news is the agents from the other side (in human form, of course) have sought to diminish or to destroy his work inside of me. But His Awareness always intervenes to protects me, reassuring me of his covenant with all of his little ones.


    You know, Pastor Chuck, to even tell these things to you, feels a bit strange. So much of what I say here could get me classified as a false Christian, maybe even crazy ;p). So I try to hold back. Then I recall The Beatitudes and place my trust in Him once more. And it is then, through my Awareness ,that He continues to guide me. Against all odds.

    Our Lord has given me these words to give to you all. And, to each of you, He gives His Spirit to acknowledge their truth.

    Oh, Richard Rohr has spoken a much-needed truth. My heart smiles at reading it. A certain time is now.

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