Snapshots: Golden Tiger Martial Arts (tenant) 10.20.15

1.  Our Club’s Name:  Jochun Kumdo (Korean pronounciation of Kendo)
2.  Activity Type:  Instruction/Practice of Martial Arts (Kendo)
3.  Title of the Event:  Joint Practice to Celebrate Grand Opening of Jochun Kumdo
4.  Date and time:  October 20, 2015  7:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm
5.  Additional Statement about the Event: Total 63 Kendo/Kumdo people came, and they are from SCKO/SCKF affiliated dojo’s as well as Korean Kumdo Association affiliated do-jangs (Korean pronunciation of dojo).  Among the 63 people who attended, there were 15 senseis/masters whose ranks were over 5th dan.  Prime instructor In kee Lee of Jochun Kumdo at Immanuel Presbyterian Church says “Thank you very much Immanuel Presbyterian Church and Director of Activity for allowing us to move to such an upgraded facility like yours and helping us to build true meaningful relationships with local Kendo communities”.

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