Sermons + Mensajes: 9.6.15

Last Sunday’s service focused on (Neh. 4:1-15) with particular attention to verse 6; “…so we rebuilt the wall…for the people worked with all their heart.” Here is the text of my first sermon in this very loving and very welcoming congregation:

Transcript: Laboring with All their Heart (Rev. Raafat Girgis)

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One Response to Sermons + Mensajes: 9.6.15

  1. Patricia Dowdy says:

    We transpose the phrase, “God Is With Us.”. We live as though “We are with God”. God directs our path whether we can see that or not. We must give up the notion that He is there purely to remove our mess-ups, or that He shows up mostly when we ‘will’ His Love. Oh, our Sovereign God! I really believe that the Christ in my life patiently guides me to this truth in so many ways–and then, He lovingly waits for me to ‘Get It’!

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