Yoga and Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Immanuel’s Healing Center Invites you to join us for our Community Yoga & Meditation Classes on Mondays & Wednesdays from 6-7P.M. in Room 210. Classes are FREE (your gratitude donations are always welcome!).

Nothing is more beneficial for our brain than exercise & meditation. Scientific studies continue to confirm how much these two modalities help maintain a healthy brain. In recognition of during the month of May our class will focus on teaching exercises that focus on supporting a healthy mind.

Mon., 5/11/15: Physical and Mental Vitality. This set kicks off this Month’s series with an aerobic energetic set designed to increase blood flood to the brain and entire body. Keeping the body active ensures maintaining an active and fit brain.

Wed., 5/13/15: Frontal Brain. The postures & breathwork help concentrate blood flow to the frontal brain. This is an effective set to help you think clearly and strengthen your intuitive mind.

Mon., 5/18/15: Hemisphere Adjustment & Subconscious Memory Elimination. This balances both sides of your brain so you are better equipped to cope with the challenges of life. If your left and right hemispheres are not balanced life’s problems will appear overwhelming.

Wed., 5/20/15: Nervous System. This set will enhance alertness and clarity of mind and helps prevent forgetfulness. A strong nervous system is vital in support of a healthy functioning brain.

Mondays, May 25, 2015: MEMORIAL DAY. NO CLASS. Church closed in observance of this holiday.

Wed., 5/27/15: Fun class concludes our intensive brain fitness program for the month with – Brain Balance Sequence for IQ, Elementary Adjustment of the Brain and Mental Exercises.

You won’t want to miss these amazing classes. It is a celebratory set that you will enjoy. Come and find out for yourself.


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