Snapshots: Brian’s Ordination 3.7.15

20150307_153237 20150307_153347 20150307_153705 20150307_153721 20150307_154132 IMG_20150307_140818_249 IMG_20150307_140825_351 IMG_20150307_140836_574 IMG_20150307_141154_522 IMG_20150307_142017_064 IMG_20150307_142131_428 IMG_20150307_142419_714 IMG_20150307_142517_768 IMG_20150307_142729_928 IMG_20150307_145137_414 IMG_20150307_145332_999 IMG_20150307_145814_007 IMG_20150307_145841_144 IMG_20150307_150256_851 IMG_20150307_150328_737 IMG_20150307_150333_737 IMG_20150307_150751_083 IMG_20150307_152844_708 IMG_20150307_153143_646

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