Reflection 2.4.15

I believed that there was a God because I was told it by my grandmother and later by other adults. But when I found that I knew not only that there was God but that I was a child of God, when I understood that, when I comprehended that, more than that, when I internalized that, ingested that, I became courageous.

~Maya Angelou

One Response to Reflection 2.4.15

  1. It’s one thing for others to tell us there is a God, Or, for us to read about Him But the key is to REALIZE Him into existence. Beyond the rote knowing and beyond the intellectual grasping for Who God is–suddenly, the penny falls. When it does, no one can convince us that God is not present with each one of us PERSONALLY. Or, that His loving desire is not to fatherly take care of us on an individual basis.

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