Reflection 3.19.19


Reflection 3.18.19


Where is God? is the title question. Let us begin by saying where God is not: in the empire. But mysteriously, God is in all the victims that the empire produces–and that we all produce. God is not very helpful in understanding the horrors of Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa. But the victims in those places help us not to be confused about God. He is not the God of the empire. The most courageous believers will tell us: he is the God of the victims. He is the God of Jesus, who was also a victim of the empire.

~Jon Sobrino, Where Is God?

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Reflection 3.15.19


Healing begins not where our pain is taken away, but where it can be shared and seen as part of a larger pain.

~Henri J. M. Nouwen, The Only Necessary Thing

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This Sunday + Este domingo: 3.17.19


This Sunday + Este domingo
March 17, 2019 + 17 de marzo de 2019
2nd Sunday in Lent + 2º domingo en la cuaresma

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