This Sunday + Este domingo: 5.20.18


This Sunday + Este domingo
May 20, 2018 + 20 de mayo de 2018
Pentecost + Pentecostés

10:30 am:  Bilingual service + Servicio bilingüe
Sermon + Sermón: Rev. Andrew Schwiebert
Communion + Comunión







Reflection 5.18.18


Our task is to help people concentrate on the real but often hidden event of God’s active presence in their lives. Hence, the question is…not how to keep people busy, but how to keep them from being so busy that they can no longer hear the voice of God who speaks in silence.

~Morton Kelsey, The Other Side of Silence

Reflection 5.17.16


Reflection 5.16.18


An individual can march for peace or vote for peace and can have, perhaps, some small influence on global concerns. But the same individual is a giant in the eyes of a child at home. If peace is to be built, it must start with the individual. It is built brick by brick.

~Dorothy Day

Rooftop Movies + Peliculas en la terraza: 6.1.18 & 6.8.18


Reflection 5.15.18


Reflection 5.14.18


Humility leads me to do anything I can do in any situation without having to do everything in every situation.

~Joan Chittister