Adventures in Liturgy: Bach aria with Elyse, Sam & Ed


Performed on Mother’s Day, 2010 by Elyse Marchant, soprano; Sam Pullen, violin; and Ed Murray, organ.  A note from Sam:  On Mother’s Day 2010, I performed this Bach aria in memory of my mother, Leanna Bell. She and I performed this piece together over 15 years ago, so it was a great honor to play it again. The piece is Auch mit gedampften, schwachen Stimmen, BWV 36, by Johann Sebastian Bach. It was performed at Immanuel Presbyterian Church with Elyse Marchant singing soprano, Sam Pullen on violin, and Edward Murray on the Organ. Enjoy!!

Snapshots: Worship + Adoración 5.9.10


Elyse Marchant and Samuel Pullen serenade the Spanish language worshipers with music of Bach; Elizabeth Gibbs Zehnder officiates at communion; Fans of Erin (FOE); Mariachi Sur de California; Erincita and Ed Murray; Erin Tamayo in the pulpit.  Photos courtesy of Erin Tamayo and Tina Mata.  Click on an image for a larger view.

Snapshots: Mothers Day Music + Música para el dia de las Madres 5.9.10


Starring violinist Sam Pullen with the English music team, with soprano Elyse Marchant (performing a Bach aria Sam had first played with his mother) and with Mariachi Sur de California at the convivio fiesta.  Photos “borrowed” from Sam’s Facebook page.  Click on an image for a larger view.

Interfaith Vigil for Immigration Reform 3.3.10: More video


Parts two and three of the previously posted event.  Sam Pullen fiddles in part two at 8:35.  Frank Alton speaks in part three at 4:00.  Thanks to Christy Lafferty for producing the videos.

Interfaith Vigil for Immigration Reform 3.3.10


A group of religious leaders from faith communities around LA held an interfaith vigil to call on Senator Feinstein to take a leadership role in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform, stop separating families due to our broken immigration system, and end the raids and deportations while we are waiting for reform. Following the vigil, a small group met with representatives in Sen. Feinstein’s office and turned in a few thousand postcards from constituents around Southern California, which are a small sample of all those collected.

Immanuel was well represented with Samuel Pullen and Christy Lafferty (in her public performing debut) singing a song at the opening of this video of part of the event and Frank Alton among the religious leaders.


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